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A High Cholesterol Financial Plan

I’m trying to draw a parallel between a high cholesterol diet and the current state of savings for Canadians after seeing a video this morning with some startling news.  Nothing in this poll is new, we’ve heard it time and time again – however, 32%  …read more »

Guaranteed No-Medical Exam Insurance

Precision Financial and Canada Protection Plan are partnering up for a fall “Guaranteed No-Medical-Exam” Life Insurance campaign! Brochures should be in the mail shortly, however we are excited to offer you a glimpse of what we are able to offer. Many individuals want or need  …read more »

Danielle’s Notes – Juvenile Whole Life Insurance

When I am in a planning meeting with you; and trying to get all of the facts together about your financial situation so that I can make some insurance and investment recommendations , often the question arises “have you ever considered life insurance for your kids?” What  …read more »

How much does your advice cost?

It is the year of the “great reveal” for Canadian investors.  Long have consumer advocacy groups been pushing the investment industry to pull down its pants, and the time has finally come where CRM2 (Client Relationship Model version 2) is fully implemented and live.    …read more »

Employee Benefits vs. Individual Insurance

We are often asked the question “Why would I buy life insurance or disability insurance when I have it through work?”  It’s a great question, and not particularly easy to answer as there is never one size that fits all when it comes to individual  …read more »

Mortgage insurance isn’t all that its cracked up to be

We’ve all been there.   You’re almost done signing those mortgage documents for a new house, refinance or renewal and your mortgage broker slips you one more populated document. Exhausted from the entire process, it’s easy to skip the fine print and just “sign” by  …read more »

Importance Of Good Financial Advice

2016 has been quite the year so far.  The economy has slowed down considerably, the political landscape in this country is shaky at best; and many people have unfortunately been laid off from their jobs.  While there are small signs of a recovery in the  …read more »

Budget 2016 Highlights and Lowlights

Budget 2016 saw some significant changes by the Liberal Government that has a large impact on many segments of the Canadian population.  Below are some highlights and ‘lowlights’ (is that even a word?) about the budget.  Your Trusted Saskatoon Financial Planner can help you navigate  …read more »

First time life insurance buying tips

Are you looking at life insurance for the first time? From new families, new home owners, to business owners, life insurance can be one of the single most important products you can buy to protect yourself.    You’re probably asking yourself, “how much do I  …read more »

Give yourself a nice tax break this holiday season! Tax Tips!

Although you don’t need to file your taxes until spring, there are some tax tips to help get you ready for the end of the year… Read more