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Leaving a Legacy using Charitable Gifting Strategies

Designating a charity as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy is a popular strategy for a philanthropic taxpayer who… Read more

Markets, Your Money, & what’s next

In the last few weeks, investors have experienced some of the most volatile trading in the last 5 years… Read more

Grumpy cat bought Mortgage Life Insurance from his bank, and isn’t very happy!

You’ve found your dream house, put in an offer and – ACCEPTED! Now comes the excitement (and exhaustion) of… Read more

Fee disclosure and what it means for you, CRM2

By Curtis Haigh – Financial Advisor – February 11th 2015 – There has been a lot of buzz in the financial services industry over the last year or so about a new level of transparency for advisors, fund companies, and investment dealers.  The buzz surrounds  …read more »

RRSP Tips and Deadlines

RRSP Season is here, as financial advisors prepare for another busy season, I wanted to give YOU some important information on RRSP’s, limits; and deadlines to help prepare you to make your investment decisions a bit easier.  The RRSP deadline for tax year 2014 is  …read more »

Protecting your business with buy-sell insurance

While business owners may include a buy-sell provision in their shareholder agreement, many small business owners do not know what a buy-sell agreement is, and how simple it can be to set up. Buy-Sell insurance provides funds for buying out the ownership interest of a  …read more »

Market Commentary – Will History Repeat Itself?

Market Commentary – will history repeat itself?   It was 2007, the United States housing market was at an all-time high; and interest on those homes rates were at an all-time-low. The stock market was on fire, reaching new highs on a daily basis. Unemployment  …read more »

Alternative Assets.. What your advisor does not want you to know.

Today’s global markets are very complex, and most often controlled by ‘emotion‘, and ‘hype‘! Your investment plan could be entirely in the hands of a volatile stock market at record highs, and you could have little control over who manages your money.   We believe it  …read more »

Precision Financial shares a tip for employers

Saskatoon financial advisor Curtis Haigh Precision Financial shares a tip for employers Curtis Haigh has built a reputation in Saskatoon for offering great advice, consistent client communication, and always putting clients’ interests first. Precision Financial is a fully licensed Life Insurance Agency with a team  …read more »