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Investment Fees Mini Series | Part 2 | Sales Charges

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  This blog is a continuation of our Precision Financial Mini Series on investment fees. As an investor, it is important that you understand what sales charges and investment fees you will pay once you and your financial advisor or financial planner agree upon an investment plan.  In our previous blog, we spoke about a recurring annual fee called a …

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Investment Fees Mini Series | Part 1

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This blog is part of our Precision Financial Mini Series on Investment Fees Understanding investment fees is no small feat. Fee questions are often met with confusing explanations that leave even a savvy investor feeling frustrated. At Precision Financial, we want you to understand what you are paying for and why, so we’ve created a blog mini-series on investment fees. …

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Why it is so important to get out of debt NOW

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The bank of Canada gave Canadians in debt a “gift” this past week.  They gave Canadians the luxury of time. But just how much time do we have? It is no secret that the Canadian economy has been propped up for many years by extremely low interest rates. Canadian consumers have been buying new homes, vacation property, vehicles, and borrowing …


Many women are investment decision makers in their household

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In a poll conducted in March by the CIBC, it found that Ninety-Two per cent of Canadian women with investment portfolios are primarily or equally in charge of household financial decisions.   Interestingly enough, only half said they feel confident or have the knowledge to actually invest. The Decision Maker In this same poll, Forty-six per cent of women said they …

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Why “Buying Experiences, Not Things” Gets You Nowhere

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Most of us have likely seen the saying “Spend money on experiences, not things” show up in our social media feeds. The saying is often accompanied by a gratuitous photo of a scenic landscape, or a photo of an individual facing away from the camera while they ‘gaze’ (squint?) into the distance. This saying is propagated as a holistic living …

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Back to Basics – The Brilliance of Bookkeeping

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Life as a business owner is exhilarating and rewarding, but lets get back to the basics for a moment.  With many factors to consider, such as branding, financing, company structure, and hiring employees, it’s no wonder that bookkeeping becomes an afterthought, viewed more as a necessary part of filing taxes and less as part of an effective business strategy. Here …

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Review Your Credit Card Statements

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I wanted to share a submission from one of our guest bloggers with regards to checking and reviewing your credit card statements!  I will admit, I am just as guilty as the next person for relying too much on technology to save me from myself. Keep an eye on those statements!   This post takes me back to the day …


Juvenile Critical Illness Insurance

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Juvenile Critical Illness Insurance What is Juvenile Critical Illness Insurance? Being told your child has a life threatening illness is the worst news a parent can get. I’m sure you have seen or heard of friends or family going through the pain of having a seriously ill child. We hope to never be in that situation ourselves, but the truth …

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Financial Tips and Practical Advice for Parents

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Image courtesy of Pixabay Financial Tips and Practical Advice for Parents   When you have a child, suddenly your priorities shift. Your perspective on the future changes, viewing everything through a lens held by a small person’s hand. You want to ensure the best possibilities for your youngster, but how do you make that happen? Here is some advice for …

A High Cholesterol Financial Plan

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What does high cholesterol have with poor retirement planning? Well, I would argue that in MOST situations – it can be easily avoided!

Guaranteed No-Medical Exam Insurance

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Precision Financial and Canada Protection Plan are partnering up for a fall “Guaranteed No-Medical-Exam” Life Insurance campaign!

How much does your advice cost?

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It is the year of the “great reveal” for Canadian investors.  Long have consumer advocacy groups been pushing the investment industry to pull down its pants, and the time has finally come where CRM2 (Client Relationship Model version 2) is fully implemented and live.   CRM2 is essentially the industry’s fashionable acronym for complete and total “fee disclosure“. In essence, …

Employee Benefits vs. Individual Insurance

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We are often asked the question “Why would I buy life insurance or disability insurance when I have it through work?”  It’s a great question, and not particularly easy to answer as there is never one size that fits all when it comes to individual insurance requirements. In this economy many employers seem to be cutting costs.  One of the …

Mortgage insurance isn’t all that its cracked up to be

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We’ve all been there.   You’re almost done signing those mortgage documents for a new house, refinance or renewal and your mortgage broker slips you one more populated document. Exhausted from the entire process, it’s easy to skip the fine print and just “sign” by the dotted line.  It’s the document that will protect the you (and the lender) should …