Get a second opinion about your investment strategy.

Our investment approach is focused. We aim to educate our clients by showing them alternative ways to reach their investment goals.

Our Investment Strategy

We believe that a well-balanced investment strategy must encompass several investment strategies, not simply a “one size fits all” approach.

We use various investment strategies to build our investors core portfolio holdings. After a lengthy process of getting to know our clients, we make recommendations to our clients core-holdings using a variety of highly experienced portfolio managers.

When suitable, we have access to many alternative investments; and can help our clients make responsible investments in those securities.

Our Investment Process

Together, we review your investment objectives and goals. This process could be either stand-alone, or in conjunction with an overall financial plan. Part of this process may involve asking open-ended questions, and typically involves a complete analysis of your current investment portfolio.

The process we typically use to gather information is formally known as “know your client”. Know your client gives us the ability to gain an in-depth picture of your finances, investments, and objectives. It is important to us that our clients feel comfortable allowing us access to this important information, so we take the time to explain why it needed and all relevant steps throughout the process.

Our Portfolio Philosophy

Core: The traditional component of a portfolio. This portfolio tends to be more conservative, liquid and market-oriented. We believe the best way to invest in your ‘Core’ portfolio is through a registered Portfolio Manager that most resonates with your investment circumstances and philosophies.

Explore: The alternative investment component of the portfolio. These private investments tend to be riskier, but they deliver portfolio diversification and have the potential to produce out-sized returns. These investments will predominantly be private offerings.

Get a second opinion about your investments