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What is Juvenile Critical Illness Insurance?

Being told your child has a life threatening illness is the worst news a parent can get.

I’m sure you have seen or heard of friends or family going through the pain of having a seriously ill child. We hope to never be in that situation ourselves, but the truth is it can happen.

We open our wallets and our hearts to those in need and try and donate to help in their recovery.  We  donate money, time, and resources as we know if it was our child we would hope others would do the same.   These dollars can add up to help offset some of the costs for travel, accommodations, drugs, and time off work when we are with our children.

As parents, we often don’t want to think about the possibility of our child contracting a critical illness, but as Saskatoon financial advisors and life insurance brokers, we are pleased to offer our clients Juvenile Critical Illness Insurance. For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can protect your finances in the event of a life threatening illness.

Critical Illness policies are designed to pay out a one time, lump sum tax free payment upon a diagnoses of a critical illness.  Most insurance companies will cover up to 25 or 30 illnesses.  The major illnesses covered are cancer, however other diseases such as cystic fibrosis, and even the loss of limbs are typically covered under these policies.

If my children aren’t sick, why would I take out a policy on them?

Simply put, you insure your child when they are healthy.   In most cases, insurance companies only ask a few medical questions about your child when you are taking out a critical illness policy on them.  The parent is the owner of the policy and the beneficiary of the funds, the child is the insured. There are no medical exams or blood tests involved in this policy, if your child is healthy, their acceptance is highly likely.

The thought of placing insurance on my child makes me uncomfortable!

Trust that you are helping to protect your families finances in the case of a critical illness. A Saskatoon financial advisor can help set up a policy that is right for you, and will ensure that your child will receive the BEST treatment available with the help of a tax free lump sum payment.  Juvenile Critical Illness insurance is not a policy to be thought of as morbid or uncomfortable, it should give you peace of mind knowing you have funds available to give them the best care while they recover!

How much does it cost?

Male – Age 2 – $21.00 a month (70 cents a day!)

Female – Age 3 – $20.25 a month (67 cents a day!)

**rates are for example purposes only, individual quotes are based on your exact child’s age. **

Contact us for a free, no obligation quote! We would love the opportunity to present to you a Juvenile Critical Illness solution!